Site Specific Requirements

This precinct will function as the hub or heart of the estate. Uses to be provided within the “hub” include administrative/ management operations, networking facilities, start up/innovation units and a central open space/recreational facility. The designed parkland surrounding Ballingarrane House will be retained as a shared campus space for passive recreation and will be the focus for a network of footpaths, park furniture and cycle links. Public access to the parkland will be promoted as an integral feature of the overall plan. The presentation of the central park will be enhanced through the removal of the existing timber post and rail fencing, stone walls, hedges and low scrub and other visual intrusions. The boundaries of the park will be screened with appropriate native Irish planting. All of the mature native deciduous trees will be assessed by a tree specialist with remedial work to be implemented in line with the specialists’ recommendations. The walled garden (outlined in green) and the mature ornamental garden (outlined in blue) on the Precinct Map below shall be kept free from development with an ongoing programme of landscape management and maintenance to be implemented. The lands to the south of the ornamental garden will be developed as playing pitches for use by Park occupants and the general public. The outbuildings to the rear of the main house shall be retained and shall be redeveloped to accommodate some of the uses referred to above. The Hub is an ideal location for start up enterprise offering a prime position to boost contacts and take full advantage of the opportunities for collaborative working.

Access: Vehicular traffic accessing this element shall be accommodated by way of a new access road from the end of the existing access road. Vehicular traffic will be circulated to the rear of the house where car parking facilities shall be located.

Infrastructure: Precinct 1 is served by the public water, waste water and surface water infrastructure in addition to electricity, gas and broadband.